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Long time did not update my blog! It's time for my blog to be new again! Just went to Langkawi island last week with my family. The food was tasty, fantastic scenery view, cheap alcohol and chocolates... so suitable for a chocoholic like me to go there! Basically I love almost everything about langkawi except for its super HOT weather (most probably due to the drought recently).

(click to enlarge) This is the map of Langkawi. 

Langkawi is a small island situated near the border of Malaysia and Thailand. Malaysia Government has made Langkawi island as a duty free island to attract more tourist to visit Langkawi. As far as I know, even fast food restaurants like McDonalds, KFC and Starbucks are also duty free! 

You can come to Langkawi by 2 way: 
1) Airplane 
2) Ferry 
There are ferry services connected from the mainland (Kuala Keday, Kuala Perlis, Penang, Satun) to Langkawi operated everyday. All ferry services information and online purchases can refer here.
Most people only stay at hotels near Kuah Town (map: bottom right) and Pantai Cenang (map: bottom left). Most luxury hotels are situated in Pantai Cenang. Because of the beautiful beach scenery, many people chose to stay there. Pantai Cenang is more happening at night and looks a bit like "little bali"! As for Kuah Town, accommodation here is slightly cheaper and it is nearer to most of the tourist sites. Also, there are abundance of duty free shops all over the town!

Our itinerary:
Day 1: 
Oriental Village - Skycab (Langkawi Cable Car)
Beras Terbakar (Direct translate: Burned rice)
Minyak Gamat store
Eagle Square

Day 2:
Payar Island Marine Park -Snorkelling 
Pantai Cenang

Day 3:
Kilim Geoforest Park
Tanjung Rhu Beach
MARDI ArgoTechnology Park

Since Langkawi is a small town, we chose to drive ourselves more "free and easy" mah... ^_^ We pre booked a van before going to Langkawi. However, if you don't want to pre-book, there are many car rental services just outside the airport and jetty port. In case you might wonder how to move around from one place to another,
1) EASIEST WAY: Car rental with driver. If you don't have licence as well, car rental services will provide a driver for you upon request (with additional fee)
2) CHEAPEST WAY: Drive our own. Langkawi map taken from the airport or the jetty and with little help from Waze (Malaysia GPS, 3G services needed > check Appstore or Android to download), I guess it wouldn't be a problem to move around.
3) TOURIST WAY: By taxi. Not recommended because its expensive and not very convenient if you are travelling to many places in a day.

Oriental Village + Skycab 
<Waze instruction: Find "oriental village", Map: Point of Interest(POI) No. 30>
Upon arriving, we head straight away to oriental village, a place where there are many Malaysian and oriental architecture. I love this place because it is like a modified culture village and there are a lot of Malaysian style souvenir which represent the essence of Malaysia. This time I forgot to bring my camera. All of the photos are only taken from my phone. =(

Oriental Village ^o^

 My sisters and I in oriental village =D

The langkawi cable car entrance is attached to the oriental village. Heard many good reviews about the cable car (sky cab), so we decided to give a try! Before this, there is also a sky bridge located nearby but unfortunately, it had closed down temporarily for some safety reasons.

 Skycab ticket! RM15 for adults (Malaysian)

Langkawi Sky cab

 Got this FREE after liking their Facebook page! Haha!

This is taken when I am still in the cable car! Starting to see the whole langkawi as we got higher!

Middle station observatory deck

There are 3 station throughout the whole ride - base station (cable car entrance), middle station (half way), top station (highest spot).

Fascinating Langkawi scenery from the top

Reminds you to come here at evening =D 

Skycab top station

 Top station observatory deck!

At top station, they even offer "skypos" activity. You could send some postcards back to your friends and family. I highly recommend to pay a visit to this place. The view was beautiful and breath-taking. If the weather is not extremely hot, one can feel some cool breeze here. But unfortunately, the weather was freaking hot that day! I was sweating all the way and did not feel any cooler although I am standing in a higher place! It eventually spoilt half of my mood actually. =(

Further information:
1) Ticket Price
(5PM~7PM daily)
Public RateFor Malaysian
AdultRM 30.00RM 15.00
Child (2 -12 yrs old)RM 20.00RM 10.00
*Secondary -University
RM 20 & 15RM 15 & 10

2) Operation schedules
Monday - Thursday10:00AM - 07:00PM
Wednesday12:00PM - 07:00PM
Friday - Sunday, Public & School Holiday09:30AM - 07:00PM

More information can refer to here!

Beras Terbakar 
<Waze Instruction: Find "beras terbakar", Map: POI No.34>
After this, we move on to beras terbakar (Field of burned rice)!

 The "burned rice"

I don't really recommend this place because it was not interesting at all. Even if I already know the story, to me, there is also nothing to see except for a plate of burned rice (which I think it may look exactly the same if you burn some rice at home)! oops..

Further Information:
1) Free Entrance
2) Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm (daily)

However, luckily we found something pleases us! Laksa from Langkawi! We were sweating all the way and noticed that there is a NEED for us to rest and relax! AhhHaa... then we found this delicious Laksa, located near the entrance of Beras Terbakar.

In case you wanna know how's the normal and non-eye-cathing malay shop that offers tasty laksa looks like!

Minyak Gamat Factory
Later, we went to one of the Minyak Gamat (Sea cucumber oil) retail shop before going back to our hotel. Langkawi is very famous for its sea cucumber oil (minyak gamat), which believed to be a magical medicine that can cure a lot of disease and pains. This is just one of the shops that we found on our way back to our hotel.

 Cooking process of sea cucumber. It has a unfavourable smell. I personally don't like the smell.

 Dried sea cucumbers

Further Information:
Nusantara Maju Enterprise
No. 32, Kampong Mata Air, Jalan Bayas,
Mukim Ulu Melaka, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah.

Eagle Square 
<Waze: Find "Eagle Square, Map: POI No. 26)
This place is Langkawi's most prominent landmark. Everyone who came would surely visit this place! It's actually located at the Langkawi jetty. Thus, for tourist who travel to langkawi by ferry, this is most probably the first place or the last place for them to visit.

Yeah, the fantastic, fascinating, awesome, spectacular, magnificent, majestic, splendid, "wah"-inspiring evening look of the gigantic eagle.

 My family and I <3

I personally love this place very much.. beautiful sea view with a gigantic eagle! =D

At night we went to duty free shops nearby! The chocolates and alcohol drinks was cheap! Like almost 30% to 50% cheaper than retail shops outside the island! Most duty free shops open until 10pm at night. Hence, after dinner, we have plenty of time comparing prices and shopping!! =D

Payar Island Marine Park
Woke up early in the second day to prepare to Payar Island! The bus came to pick us up from the hotel at about 9am to the jetty. The ferry takes about 1 hour+ from Langkawi jetty to Payar Island Marine Park.

 Clear water of Payar Island

 Payar Island Snorkeling area

Basically, there is nothing much in Pulau Payar (aka Coral Island). Although water was quite clear, but the sea was already polluted as I can see some patches of oil on the sea. We hardly found any corals there, but there are fishes around us. Variety of fishes are pathetic, but at least this time I got a clear view of the baby black-tipped shark. The biggest shark that I saw was about a middle sized adult shark!!! But it swam away very fast, therefore I am not scare!! hahaha...

Spot the baby black tipped shark!

A clearer view of the shark.


I rate this average. I think it's okay for the first time, as the price is consider affordable since it includes pick up service, ferry ticket, snorkelling equipment, packed lunch and basic facilities. Snorkelling time was from 10.30am to 3pm. They also served packed lunch during lunch time. The ferry will bring us back to Langkawi jetty at around 3.30pm. That time we were so tired and slept in the freezing ferry!

Further details:
Price: Ranges from RM120 (online rate) to RM200 (walk-in) per person
-different agency charges different price.
Pulau Payar Further Details

After dinner, we move on to Pantai Cenang. One of the most happening place in langkawi during the night. There are lots of seafood restaurant, Spa and massage shop, duty free shops, and souvenir shops. Give me a bit of "Bali island" feel... ^^ Hmmm, I did not take any pictures that time.. We were busy shopping for duty free goods until the shop closes. o.O

Kilim Karst Geoforest Park (UNESCO heritage site)
Third day was one of the best day too! After checking out, we head north to Kilim Geoforest park. Kilim geoforest was one of the 3 geoforest park in langkawi (apart from Machinchang Geoforest Park and Bunting Geoforest Park). This place was preserved as a heritage site and got support from UNESCO since 2007. I highly recommend this place! The mangrove trees was preserved nicely, offering an incredible and amazing view along the Kilim river. We book a boat for the mangrove tour includes Bat Cave, Fish Farm, Eagle Feeding, Mangrove Sightseeing, Crocodile Cave, Open Sea (Andaman Sea), Mangrove Sightseeing Icon Kilim Geoforest Park (total 2 hours) .Some even offer snorkelling..etc.. We actually booked the tour quite late, that's why it's not the cheapest! I will share information about the price later.

 Get ready to go!!

 Bad cave entrance..

 Maybe because it's still early.. there are so many bats!!

 Continue our Journey to Floating Fish Farm

Floating fish farm, nothing much there except for some unique fishes and bigger sea creatures like lobster and stingray..

We stop by to have our lunch there. Super recommend to eat there! The seafood was fresh and delicious! The auntie who did the cooking is a very good cook! We were very satisfied for the lunch!

After that, we continued our journey to crocodile cave.

Basically no crocodiles here.. Just that the man says this cave looks like crocodile, so people called it crocodile cave. But don't understand which part of it looks like a crocodile. Hah! It doesn't make any sense to me!

Out of all the attractions, I like this the most... Eagle feeding session! First time seeing eagle eat! It was so exiting =D

Wanna see a clearly how the eagle feeds? Click here!
 Open Sea (Andaman Sea)

  Outside Open Sea, the place where we can even see the border of Thailand! Even my phone shows Thailand Roaming Line

Further information:

Above are the published rates.
1) Price- can be negotiate if book online or call by phone. One of the best online rates: refer here!

Tanjung Rhu
<Waze: Find "Tanjung Rhu" or "Four Season Resort", Map: POI No. 4)
Later, after the mangrove tour, we continue our journey to the north to Tanjung Rhu. I guess many people does not aware of the existence of the beach! It's so much nicer than Pantai Cenang!!! However, it was a little bit far from both Kuah town and Pantai Cenang. We stop by to enjoy the exotic scenery, however the weather is too HOT!!

 I love the mint green color sea.. So soft and lovely....

 Looks a little bit like Krabi?? ^o^

Clean and clear beach...

MARDI ArgoTechnology Park
<Waze: Find "MARDI Argo Technology Park", Map: POI No. 8)
We did not come to this place on purpose. We were on our way back and it is located just by the roadside. Entrance fee for Malaysia is quite cheap, RM6. But I really don't recommend to come here at all. Later you'll see why.

 We sit on a mini truck travelling around the place. The whole place looks like the above photo. Like no fruits at all. Hmmm.. I wonder, what's so interesting here??? How can it survive??

The ONLY thing that pleases us, eat-all-you-can fruits! The fruits served are based on season. Now it's the season of watermelon, pineapple, star-fruits and melon, so they served these fruits! Hmm, I wonder, will they served durians as well during durian's season?? =D Heeeeeeeheeee... *wicked*

and finally.. My father epic photo!

Further Information:
1) Visiting Hours: 8.30am to 5pm (daily except fridays)

More info, refer here!

Every time I took such long time for blogging.. Yeah, that's the end. Story end. Prepare to go home.. Langkawi is a nice place for food and sightseeing especially Kilim Geoforest Park, which I love the most! I hope you guys enjoy reading! I'll end it with some other Langkawi attractions that I saw.

Other attractions:
1) Bird Paradise Wildlife Park
2) Mahsuri Tomb
-Operating hours: 8am to 6pm
-Price: RM7 (adult), RM3.50 (7 to 12 years child), RM1 (5 to 6 years child)
3) Langkawi Crocodile Farm
4) Langkawi Cruise
5) Underwater World Langkawi

(Malaysia Time)

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